The logo, packaging and other designs of Rotax, produced by Kanat Boya for the maritime sector.

The logo, packaging and social media designs of Expass, which is a sub-brand of Kanat Boya, can be applied to the rusty metal surface without priming.

Logo and packaging designs of Rapid industrial paint, a sub-brand of Kanat Boya.​​​​​​​
LÂL Kimya & Izboya

Logo and corporate identity designs prepared for two different dealers of Kanat Boya.

Other Works

Branding for General Industrial Paints &
Protective Paints Company
Advertising, Art Direction, Web Design, Branding, Packaging
General industrial paints and protective coatings in the paint industry since 1986, specializing in the production of the wing and paint, the designs of ref, in-house designs, logo designs and corporate identity of dealer (LÂL Kimya ve Izboya), sub-brand creation studies (Rotax, Express, Rapid), packaging design, social media, advertising designs, swatches, and all other web designs created.

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Art direction and design Cihan Çamlıca, Sertac Yilmaz
Date: 2014-2019
Client: Kanat Paints & Coatings
Agency: ÂLÂ

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